Frequently Asked Questions

I own a Matrix server, how can I register?

If you are a server owner and are interested in using this service then please see here.

Do you plan on supporting other payment processors?

Yes, there are plans to support other payment processors like Stripe in the future.

What information is kept on your server regarding payments?

Currently we use two payment processors. - When you send your payment, sends an object to this service which makes no effort to remove identifiable information you have provided to the Coinpayments payment processor (name, email). This means that if you provide an email address, or your first/last name when paying then this information will be stored on the server. - When you start your subscription, Paypal sends an object to this server which contains personally identifiable information, however this object is completely discarded on receipt, it is not processed or logged. After your payment completes Paypal sends another object which this service stores, however this contains no personally identifiable information.

All information that is stored is encrypted on receipt.

Do you keep logs?

The simple answer is yes but no identifiable information about the user is logged, every request you make is logged however the address of the request is unknown. Certain activities have a programmatic log generated but there is no identifiable information about a user within them.