Upgrade your Matrix server with LunaMech's Stickerpicker

The perks

Helps cover your hosting costs.

Help cover the cost of you hosting by providing a unique, server based vanity product that both increases the customization of your server and allows your users to cover costs without having to donate

Get 50 sticker slots on signup

By default you get 50 slots for stickers* but as more users subscribe, more slots unlock. You as the server owner get to choose the stickers in use by your subscribers and choose those who can manage/upload those stickers!

Crypto payments

Coinpayments.net is the primary payment processor so we support any coin they support, you just have to provide a variety of wallet addresses to transfer your money to you! Current suggestions are LiteCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum (and tokens), BNB, Ripple, Monero and Doge Coin.

Paypal payments

Paypal is also supported!

Federation is not required!

If your server hasn't setup federation then you can provide login details for an account and this service will use those rather than a federated account from the homeserver at Scyldings.com

Zero signup costs!

As the server owner you can choose to pay nothing on signup!

If you are interested please contact @k1d77a:scyldings.com on Matrix.