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We do the hosting, you do the posting!

Watch below as two users speak 1000 words using only a few stickers.

See how easy it is to upload and post anywhere!

Upload your image/gif/zip

Once complete

Open the Stickerpicker and select

Your newly uploaded sticker is sent

It is now in the chat!

Nothing beats a win-win!

With LunaMech's StickerPicker you get to recoup server costs and give your community a way to say thank you, while providing them access to an exclusive and powerful service.

There are no upfront charges for server owners.

We don't take anything if you don't get anything.

LunaMech was developed by a technical person, but not everyone has time to do the same things. If you just want to post stickers, we empower you just the same with quick and easy access to the StickerPicker Widget for "normal" users.