Stickerpicker Update Timeline

Stickerpicker Updates

2nd November 2021

Completed Paypal integration and transfers. Currently transfers are disabled because I have to ring paypal and ask for the mass payouts API to be enabled for me.

20th October 2021

A long with a few changes to the stickerpicker website this software is now completely standalone, it no longer relies on Lunamech to send messages or handle OpenID verification.

14th October 2021

Stickerpicker now respects light/dark theme. Light is now the default theme for the entire site. Landing page has been getting a massive face lift, this is not complete.

13th October 2021

A few backend changes. Modified the install instructions to reflect (need to make the Event Generator a JS function). Moved the changes timeline to its own URL (which you are looking at). Started work on creating the 'atom' product plan.

9th October 2021

Publicly launched on the first server Added an FAQ to the landing page. Added a 'How To' tab in the user page with step by step instructions on how to use the Stickerpicker for general use, desktop use, IOS use and Android use.

8th October 2021

Myriad of bug fixes. Stickers now display their names when sent. Search bar works for multiple servers. Each server is now displayed separately with its name above the section in the stickerpicker.

27th September 2021

Changed the back-end so that it now connects directly to Matrix instead of offloading the uploading to Luna. Stickers are now displayed in blocks titled with the name of the server that block is from.

21st September 2021

Everything is working and has been tested. We are ready to launch to the public.

4th September 2021

Implemented another authentication system to verify that users who use the stickerpicker are who they claim to be. Failing this check causes the stickerpicker to no longer function. The stickerpicker also utilizes sessions so that verification doesn't have to be performed each time it is opened.

26th August 2021

Reworking the main stickerpicker to divide gifs and images onto their own tabs. Optimized the stickerpicker webpage reducing the time to generate the page by 5x which reduced the average request time by 3x. Modified the script generator so that it no longer generates all events for all stickers even if the user isn't authorized to use certain types, instead it will only generate the events for stickers that the user is authorized to use.

23rd August 2021

Element update introduced a bug into Luna's primary upload system I have fixed this. Uploading from the website using .zips now works. Merged test into main and changed the main websites binary, had to iron out a few bugs. Changed the server administration page so that the images are displayed, removed the image dimensions.

15th August 2021

Added the changes timeline. Retroactively added some changes down to the 2nd of August.

14th August 2021

Almost completed uploading from this website. Currently only supports images and .zip files. However the system is completely generic so adding support for other compression algorithms should be quite trivial.

12th August 2021

Started work on allowing server uploaders to upload images from this site, users will be able to upload individual images as well as various compressed formats like zips.

11th August 2021

Completed administration for server owners, they can now view all of the transactions on a server by payment processor (currently only, they can view historic transactions, as both a page for viewing and as a minimalized page that can be used for invoicing. Untransferred payments are now viewable and will be tabulated in a way that shows how much each registered payee gets as a % of the total. However the actual transfer functionality has not been implemented.

9th August 2021

Started working on the server owners transaction management page. The aim is to have a breakdown of all the untransferred transactions, all historic transactions, a breakdown of untransferred by payment processor and then allow each payment processor to have a specialized breakdown, for example coinpayment has transactions that would have been performed with specific coins, so all transfers have to be broken down by coin for this payment processor and then displayed as a total, with a % each payee is going to receive and to which wallets. All of this is planned.

8th August 2021

Completed the server administration page allowing a server admin to add and remove administrators, and uploaders, and to also manage the stickers directly on the website.

6th August 2021

Started working on the server administration page, this page will allow a server admin to add and remove administrators, uploaders and manage stickers directly from the site.

5th August 2021

Stopped working on the upload from website functionality right now as it has turned out to be more complicated than I expected, uploads cannot *just* be performed from the site, stickers have to be sent to Luna and uploaded to the correct matrix server so that Matrix knows how to send stickers.. I will return to this later.

4th August 2021

Started working on allowing an uploader to upload a compressed file to the website and the images inside would be added to the stickerpicker, this allows for mass uploads rather than the image by image approach that is currently the only way to add stickers. This would also mean that the uploader wouldn't need to upload within Matrix.

3rd August 2021

Made some changes to the users logged in page, they can now view all of their transactions, and all the content is displayed in a 'tabbed' form so that it is not cluttered. This will also allow for the conditional display of new tabs enabling new content depending on the users status within servers.

2nd August 2021

Unfortunately I cannot remember back this far...