LunaMech (Luna for short) is a general purpose and highly modular bot to be used for administration and addition of new features within a Matrix server. Luna started as a way to create large private communities that are invite only as Matrix in its current form doesn't have anything similar to 'guilds' on Discord, so Luna has been built around the idea of communities; because of this design choice commands are prefixed with community names and commands that start with community names only impact that community. However Lunas true power lies in the power of her 'modules', modules are easily created and are used to increase the power of Luna by a large degree. Modules can be used to implemented any functionality that would be considered outside of the realm of a 'community' for example administration of Luna herself, or sending direct messages.


New site coming soon


New site coming soon


The source code can be found here source

Blog updates

Updates regarding Luna can be found here blog


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To contact me send me a private message on Matrix, my user ID is

Feature requests

If you wish to request a new feature then you should contact me on Matrix. By default all feature requests will cost no less than 20GBP (in Monero) on completion, but the price of implementing a feature can't be known until I have assessed how long it would take to implement. Or you could try raising an issue.

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